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A Spiral Rose Pilgrimage through IsraelPalestine

Join 15 other women from around the world for an 8 day journey through the ancient lands of Israel
Where Mary Magdalene, Jesus and the Essenes built a legacy of love

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April 10th-18th, 2024
By application only

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Water Temple Arts, Mud & Moon Mysteries, Light Body Awakening, Sacred Sisterhood


We choose Unity.  We choose to Remember


It is a time on earth of great awakening and great remembering,
and we are being called back to the greatest master teachers of all

the water & the land

who remind us that we are free 
to create Heaven on Earth.

I have been called to live on the lands of Israel/Palestine for the last 8 years, with no cultural or religious ties.
The land has asked me to listen, to pray, to give offerings and work with the waters.
Mary Magdalene came to me in a vision 4 years
go, where I understood why I have been living here. Since then I've been waiting for this moment to arrive. 

This global vortex and central passage point is inviting us again, to remember,
and broadcast our signal of unity and love through our own creation of heaven on earth.


In the 8 years that I have lived here in Israel, this land has activated divine feminine knowing within me. I was guided very quickly to hold women's circles in Tel Aviv, and to teach countless retreats and gatherings, to remember the Priestess Path. This pilgrimage is a dream come true, 8 years and lifetimes in the making, a culmination of sacred sisterhood, water priestess ritual, and tuning in to our souls' purpose in this lifetime.

We will explore secret sacred sites around the Holy Land, and integreate with nourishing temple practices and water priestess rituals.

We will stay in a beautiful space in the Mt. Carmel region, and that will be our home base for the retreat. Every day we will drive about one hour to our destinations, except one day.

IMAGINE THIS: Discovering an ancient secret cave deep in the heart of Jerulsaem and singing with sisters in resounding echos of prayer and rememberance

Hiking to ancient springs where Mary Magdalene bathed and likely performed conception, birthing and baptism ritual. 

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