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Yoga is a path to directly experience the soul. It is from knowing and living from SOUL, that inner peace and world peace is born.

Yoga is the space where ancient wisdom meets the modern world, to guide us into more LOVE, FREEDOM, EASE and VISION in our lives and in society.

In this training, you'll not only learn how to be a creative and powerful Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, you'll learn the art of self-healing, coaching skills, how to effectively and safely hold transformational spaces for your students and clients & much more.

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welcome to our course


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In this training you will:

  • Deepen your yoga practice and understanding of Yogic Philosophy

  • Practice self-development and self-coaching skills

  • Discover and evolve your ability to hold powerful spaces and lead groups

  • Practice lots of teaching hours to develop skill and presentation

  • Awaken to a new level of your spiritual journey



Yoga teaching is an important step in building your skills in leadership - both through teaching yoga flows, and through using your voice and sharing your lifestyle.

When we practice and teach, we are called forward more deeply into our Dharma, or our Soul Purpose here on Planet Earth. By living and shining our Purpose, we inspire others to do the same. 

This course will help you build your spiritual business - your yoga classes are a platform to build your community around your message to the world. The additional coaching and self-healing skills will assist you in diving deeper with your students in your specific niche of healing, coaching or teaching.

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get a taste of the oytt

Want a taste of the OYTT before you commit or simply take a step towards deepening your practice? Sign up today for our 7 day Mini Yoga School and get more out of your time on the mat.

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what you'll learn

Yoga is a living science, art and philosophy that has aided in the mass awakening of the world at these unparalleled times. It continues to impact people globally, helping humanity reclaim authority over its own health and well-being. In our course we'll explore the following: 

Asana and Pranayama

Learn and master ancient movement and breathwork practices designed to clean, clear and focus your physical and energy body, to enhance your health, wellbeing and enjoyment of this life. And then learn how to play with it, stylize it to fit our modern day, and make it your own.

Anatomy, Physiology and Ayurveda

The more we know about how our systems work, the closer we feel to ourselves and the better we can care for and optimize our bodyminds. We will learn how the body works, how yoga helps and how Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga, gives us all the tools we need to heal our bodies and heal our lives.

Teaching and Teaching Practice

We focus on leadership in our courses - how to listen to and trust your own inner guidance systems to make crucial decisions in life, on the mat and in the teacher’s role. You’ll learn how to use your voice, create intelligent and dynamic sequences, weave your philosophy into your teachings, and more.

Philosophy and Yogic Lifestyle

We’ll study the sacred Yogic texts such as the Bhaghavad Gita and the Yoga Sutras and decipher them from the eyes of love and curiosity about the mysteries of this life. We take the teachings from the sacred texts and apply them to our lifestyle experimentally, and keep the ones that work, and leave the ones that don’t.

Sanskrit and Chanting

Learning and singing ancient potent words and phrases, that some of them have so much meaning we could write a whole book about one Sanskrit word, in English! Take for instance, Namaste. There are over 100 translations, our favorite one being “the light in me recognizes and honors the light in you, and when we are both in that place of stillness and peace within, we are the same.”

Home and Personal Study

Bring your discipline and study to daily life through ritual, habit changes, home practice, personal research and more.

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how it works

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This 5-month course is a hybrid of live online classes and pre-recorded material. You'll receive:


✓ A full video + audio library of yoga flows, masterclasses, lectures, guided meditations and pranayama practices

✓ Live classes every week for practice, integration and Q&A

✓ Weekly office hours to chat with Ashley + TA's about your individual goals, progress, and questions

✓ Ashley's signature YTT book (hard copy, by request, or PDF)

✓ Optional Home Yoga Package + Ayurveda Self Care Package

✓ A 200hr RYT certificate upon successful completion


Ashley Szlachta


Ashley Sunshine is an E-RYT500+, the highest level of recognition as an experienced Yoga Teacher of 12+ years.

After studying Physics and Environmental Science at Penn State University, Ashley developed a deep interest in the Universe, consciousness, and how we can make the most out of this life. Her path naturally led her to yoga and the powerful tools that lie within this ancient technology to further explore her heart's most profound questions.


First introduced to Lila Yoga - a path of uncovering the interplay of energy within the body and the cosmos - by a beloved teacher, Erica Kaufman, Ashley has since studied with yoga masters and teachers, and taught in India, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the US. 

Ashley now resides in Israel, living her dharma as a yoga teacher trainer, sacred-business coach and women's ceremony facilitator.

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a curated team for in-depth learning

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Ami Edelsztein

Ami is a dedicated Meditation practitioner and Spiritual Coach. He runs workshops, retreats and 1:1 programs to uplift humanity into the next level of our wholeness. His inspiring and gentle methods inspire change from within and help empower the meditation teacher within you. 

  • Mindfulness & meditation

  • Meditation teaching techniques

  • Yoga nidra



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Do I need to be able to do all the yoga poses in order to study to be a teacher?

Absolutely not. Yoga is much more than the postures, and you can be an excellent yoga teacher just teaching 3 postures in your classes. It’s your work in the training and in life, to be present with where you are, love yourself in that place (easier said than done, but this is the path), and teach from your own experience. Additionally, you can teach poses that you can’t do! We will discuss and empower this in the course!

I've been practicing for 3 months, is that enough time to study to be a teacher?

We ask that you have had at least a year of “regular” practice, before you embark on the path to be a teacher.

My yoga has been "on an off" for a while. Is that ok?

We ask that you have had at least a year of “regular” practice, before you embark on the path to be a teacher. That being said, you can never be on and off with yoga, as once the yoga begins within you, it continues to grow and anchor into your being, whether or not you are doing the physical practices.

Will this course certify me to be an international yoga teacher?

Yes. Upon successful competition you will receive a certificate that qualifies you to register with the Yoga Alliance as a 200hr RYT (registered yoga teacher)

I'm pregnant or wanting to get pregnant. Can I join?

I recommend being in the course until 6 months pregnant, with the permission of your doctor.

I'm worried I won't keep up with the work. What if I fall behind?

We will have some Sacred Pauses in the course, in order for you to catch up on missed materials. This course requires you to implement yoga into your life, regularly, and that will pave the way for profound transformation in your lifestyle. You are always welcome to join for weekly Office Hours for support.



The course helped me to deepen my own yoga practice, to connect more to my true essence, to dive more into my femininity, to connect with other beautiful women in the course and of course: become a yoga teacher and feel great sharing my learned knowledge with my own students.

I was starting my own business at the same time the course took place. Through that process, the course has given me a lot of clarity and stability.

-Jennifer W.

 Nutrition & Mindfulness Coach



trust the yoga

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