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The Visionary Woman is a 12 week mastermind  for women who have visions to bring to this world.


We are in a time on Earth where new visions are coming in at a rapid pace. You have a visionary within you that is here to SHINE and co-create Heaven on Earth.

Being the visionary can be challenging - we have to be ok with being wrong, different or weird. We have to be willing to SHINE, SPEAK OUT and LEAD even when others don’t quite get it (yet).

Image by Susan Wilkinson

You’re invited to our 3 month journey to be held as the visionary, release personal and collective resistance, and soar into your visions, together..


This is for you if...

👁️You have a project, business or event that you want to create to support people or a cause
👁️Are in the midst of creating a business, project or event and you are getting stuck with doubts, fear or unclarity
👁️Know that you're here to VISION, SPEAK and EXPRESS to make change on our planet
👁️You sometimes feel too woo-woo for this society and want to express that side of you freely
👁️Want more confidence and clarity in your visions for this world
👁️Want to connect with like-minded women to weave our creations and dream a beautiful world into creation together


You don’t need to have a clear vision to be a visionary woman.

If you can feel into the possibility of heaven on earth, if you can rejoice in the goodness of the beautiful experiences you KNOW are possible....

🏹then you are a visionary.

If you can imagine that magic is REAL and feel the potentiality of all humans tapping into their magic...

🏹then you have visions to bring to this world.

Come bring your visions to the space, and be held in your wildest dreams to SOAR.

This is a 12 week group mentorship journey.

In this 12 week journey we will:
🌹Meet for weekly Mystery School sessions to cultivate and share our visions and heart’s deepest desires.
🌹See and accelerate the healing of the individual and collective blocks to realizing our vision of love. 
🌹Initiate with our power guides, including Feminine Ascended Master Mentors, Elementals (Dragons and Fae) and your Power Animals.
🌹Share our gifts with each other and be recognized in our unique purpose.


In our weekly sessions...
💧Visionary Woman Transmissions and empowerment practices
💧Guided meditations and visualizations to tap into your unique magic and third eye power
💧Water Temple Arts Practices to ally with Water as Teacher, Co-Visionary and Co-Creator
💧Mystery School space to drop into what is ALIVE, and real in you and the collective.
💧Breathwork and movement practices to open the channels of bliss in the body.

After this program you can expect to be:
🕊️More grounded and clear in your visions for Heaven on Earth
🕊️Positive and hopeful (and maybe even excited) in your outlook on humanity
🕊️Focused on your soul mission
🕊️Empowered in your voice and expression
🕊️Surrounded by supportive community who cheer you on in your power and your dreams

The Energy Exchange

This is a sacred investment in your embodiment and transformation. 

💸pre-sale price (sign up by December 31) 

$650 (2400nis) PIF or $240 (880nis)/month for 3 months (BIT payment & Israeli Bank Transfer accepted) 

💸early bird price (January 15th) 

$750 (2800nis) PIF or $280 (1010nis) /month for 3 months

💸regular price (by Jan 8) 

$850 (3100nis) PIF or $310 (1111nis) /month for 3 months

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