about Ashley's yoga teaching

Ashley teaches dynamic and fun flows where she uses metaphor, imagery and play to guide her students home to themselves. Helping yogis move with authenticity and integrity, Ashley works with the intention to facilitate yoga practices where students can let go and experience themselves, fully. It is from this place that her students discover who they truly are, and begin living life with joy, ease and growth.


With intelligent, meaningful sequencing, coupled with repetition and interwoven with philosophy, Ashley’s classes are transformational experiences that allow students to drop into a deep sense of home within themselves.

Topics of Study

Asana and Pranayama

Physical practices to clean, clear and focus.

Anatomy, Physiology and Ayurveda

Be a connoisseur of this body-mind

Teaching and Teaching Practice

Lots of hours to practice up front

Philosophy and Yogic Lifestyle

Tools and Experiments to bring Yoga to Life

Sanskrit and Chanting

Tune into your ancient voice and spirit

Home and Personal Study

Bring your discipline and study to daily life.

Benefits of training with
Ashley Sunshine

Topics of Study


150+ contact hours with Lead Trainer, and broad learning from experienced Guest Teachers.


Lots of hours actually teaching and leading groups to build confidence in leading your own class or workshop on Yoga and other topics of your choice and expertise.


Learning and integrating self-coaching tools, ritual and self-care. Planning, journaling practices and individualised goals and intentions to help uplevel your real-world life.


Challenge and enhance your own personal Asana practice with individualised instruction and a practice tailored to your own needs.

Meet the Team

Ashley Sunshine

Program Director and Lead Instructor

Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Ashley began her Yoga Training after University in 2009, and from there began to travel the world studying Yoga and Life. She completed a multitude of trainings in yoga, massage, energy work, and entrepreneurship around the world.  She has been living and teaching in Tel Aviv for the last 4 years, and teaches Yoga Teacher Trainings, classes, workshops and retreats, and has a small Kombucha business in the heart of the city. 

Ami Edelsztein

Meditation + Pranayama

Ami is a dedicated Meditation practitioner and Spiritual Coach. He runs workshops, retreats and 1:1 programs to uplift humanity into the next level of our wholeness. His inspiring and gentle methods inspire change from within and help empower the meditation teacher within you. 


Smadar Zecharia

Yogic Anatomy + Physiology

Smadar is passionate about the beautiful and sophisticated human body and how understanding it can deepen our practice. She is a YTT graduate and a physical therapy student at Tel Aviv University. Together we will learn about the anatomy of our beautiful body, and investigate movement and asanas. We will study the main body systems and see how understanding it can deepen our practice.


-Jennifer W., Nutrition & Mindfulness Coach

The course helped me to deepen my own yoga practice, to connect more to my true essence, to dive more into my femininity, to connect with other beautiful women in the course and of course: become a yoga teacher and feel great sharing my learned knowledge with my own students.

I was starting my own business at the same time the course took place. Through that process, the course has given me a lot of clarity and stability.


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