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🦋 You Are the Creator of your Life 🦋

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Congrats on signing up for this mini-training and stepping even deeper into your path as Sovereign Creator of your own Life as heaven on this beautiful Earth!

If you're here, your soul is most likely ready for the next layer of it's transformation and growth, and I'm so honored to be a part of that.

In this training you will find information, tools and practices that you can integrate into your life to accelerate your path, and train your mind to keep you in the realm of possibility, always. We will program these new beliefs:

✧ This universe is Infinite 

✧ Anything is possible ✧


✧ That thing you want, you can do it ✧

✧ And it's all going to be OK ✧

This training consists of 3 parts - the video, guided meditation and PDF worksheet. Make the commitment to yourself to complete all 3 parts to dial in your next level of transformation, that your soul is likely longing for.

🦋 Part 1 - Training Video

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Grab a notebook, pen and a cup of tea, and soak in this transmission coded with freedom, light and sovereignty.

🦋 Part 2 - Guided Meditation

Download this meditation to your phone Music or Itunes app, so that you have easy access to it for morning practice or evening meditation.

Click on the image to download the Journaling Workbook PDF and either print it, or use the questions to prompt some entries in your personal journal. 

🕯 Light a candle and dedicate some focused time for yourself to reflect, heal and dream BIG.

Click to download PDF 

🦋 Part 3 - Journaling Workbook

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When you finish all three, CONGRATS!  Write me or come into the Goddess Temple Facebook Group and tell us about your next step in being the Sovereign Creator of your dream life!

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