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a water workshop & ceremony to amplify your life’s sacred work

Come join us on a dance with our destinies...

A free workshop and sacred space

to ally with Water as Teacher

to be a channel of Spirit's great desires.

Your desires have been planted in you by spirit,

and are an integral part of the natural world.

Water helps reveal those desires and co-create them with life.

It's your job while on Earth to uncover those desires and put them into courageous action,

together with the magic of the universe.

When we connect our desires to the water, we begin to co-create with the universe in the most breathtaking ways

This session will support you to:

🐚See life as a next level ceremony of magic

🐠Connect your desires and sacred work to the ecosystem and natural world
🐚Establish an intimate relationship with water to support you in your day to day alignment

🐬Experience Water as a mind-blowing Sacred Feminine Teacher
🐋 Acknowledge and amplify the magnetism of your womb


This is for you if you are:


 A priestess on a mission to bring impact and change to our world



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