⟡ Walk your highest path ⟡

Discover your Dharma and use your Purpose to grow with clarity and confidence.

Connect with your soul's mission.
Share it with the world. 


Maybe you've already discovered your purpose and need guidance on how to consciously move forward. 

Or perhaps you'd like help unlocking your heart's true calling and getting started on the path to creativity and abundance. 

Investing in mentorship and getting personalized support could be the key to unlocking your full potential and putting your offerings out into the universe.

Free 30 Minute Clarity Call
Tap into your soul alignment with Ashley
About Ashley Sunshine

Hey! I'm Ashley, a Dharma coach who helps people to connect with their vision and align with their path to success.


After moving to Israel five years ago, I felt called to craft my own conscious offerings and share them with the world. Through utilizing ancient wisdom and the unique cosmic power which we all have inside of us, I've gone on to start various businesses and other offerings, including; creating and executing Yoga Teacher Training programs, Goddess Moon Circles, Wellness retreats, Golden Sun Kombucha company and more.

I'd love to help you get clear on your soul's purpose, live your dharma, and guide you on your path to confidently living the live you were meant to live.

Schedule a free 30 minute coaching session with me and together we will feel into your souls alignment. I'll be honored to guide you on your journey! 

Here's what my clients are saying:

"I took a 10 session package with Ashley a few months ago, and as a result, I started speaking my truth, organized my finances, started teaching energy medicine and shamanic healing to groups in person and online, and I got a new appreciation for who I am and my role in this world.


I got confirmation that I am selling myself short, trying not to stand out, work from the sidelines is no longer an option, and I must shine. This also means shining a light on the less sexy parts of my life. My fear of success, my issue with money and credit cards, and other shenanigans...


Thank you, Ashley, for offering your service to me and to the rest of us light carriers trying to bring spiritual and material abundance to the forefront of our society, thank you from the bottomless pit of my heart"


- Hila Dekel, Shamanic Healer

I can’t recommend Ashley highly enough. 

She harnesses her inspiring wisdom, acute perceptiveness, and years spent delving into other practices and modalities to create a coaching experience that really works. I began my coaching experience feeling hesitant and skeptical at best. But I quickly became a believer and true cheerleader of this practice. Ashley’s coaching sessions inspired me to delve deeper, develop coping tools and bravely approach areas of my life that I was scared to confront.


During each coaching session, the topics differ, but I always leave with a guide and next steps of how I am going to manifest the best version of myself. Whether it’s navigating a tricky relationship, making career moves or simply confronting longstanding personal demons- I always leave my sessions feeling optimistic about the future and excited about the work I’m about to do. 

As someone who tried (and hated) traditional talk therapy, I’d encourage any and all skeptics to give this a shot. Jump in with both feet and under Ashley’s tutelage, learn what it’s like to tune in and manifest your best life.

- Nikki, Brand and Marketing Expert

Your coaching package includes:
  • A series of private one-on-one conscious business coaching sessions where you will discover your dharma, learn business strategies to take your offerings to a higher level, and get spiritual guidance along every step of your journey

  • Free worksheets and templates to help you get clear on your true purpose, and work towards transforming your offerings. 

  • Email support from me throughout your entire journey. I will hold space for you to share your ideas, thoughts, feelings, and whatever else you might need help with. 

⟡ Package #1 

11 One-Hour Coaching


Suitable if you're looking to transform your conscious business offerings & dive deep into strategy implementation. Suitable for those wanting to transform their relationships with guidance and clarity.

⟡ Package #2 

5 One-Hour Coaching


Suitable if you already have an established business which needs fine-tuning, or you have specific goal in mind you'd like to achieve. Suitable if you need a short period of guidance to tap into your confident self or a specific desire.


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