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Free to Manifest

Cancer Full Moon and New Year Activation

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This is a pivotal time in history.  The dawning of a new era.

Where we live the lives we are truly meant to be living.

In alignment with our desires and with the desires of all beings - to be Happy, Abundant and Free.

To be in CREATIVE, JOYFUL FLOW.... EXPANSIVE in our lives, EXCITED in our work, and PEACEFUL in our homes.

What does your heart truly desire? What lights up your SOUL?

Now is the time to get clear on

that and RISE UP into your

dream life.


Wild Nature_6.png
Desert Mountains

This Thursday we will gather as a global Tribe to put our collective energies together to get in RECIEVING MODE ----> and put laser focus into what we are MANIFESTING this for the start of 2021.

You'll receive...


  • Full Moon and New Year invocation ceremony and activation

  • A deeper understanding of what manifestation is and how it really works

  • Tools to strengthen your manifestation muscle to use throughout the coming time, to claim your sovereign creative power to co-create heaven on Earth!

  • Guided meditation and activation breathwork to GROUND your desires into your cells and electrons

  • Support and encouragement in your dreams and making them reality

  • More direct access to guides/angels/higher self to support your ongoing manifestation processes

  • + more 


Who is this journey for?

  • You've dabbled a bit in manifestation before

  • You're somewhat familiar with spiritual practice and meditation 

  • You are interested in service to the world in this time of transition

  • You're ready to step deeper into your soul mission

  • You feel ready to work through limiting beliefs that keep you back from living your deeper desires

Wild Nature_7.png

The details...

  • Thursday 31 December

  • 6-8pm Israel time, 11am-1pm EST, 8-10am PST

  • $44 Investment

  • Zoom link sent with booking

  • Recording available

  • Wear comfortable clothes, bring a notebook, pen and something nourishing to drink

  • Do this ⏬ free guided meditation before our session to prepare even more deeply!

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