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Goddess Moon Circle

The Full Moon is in Leo, ladies.
It's time to bring out our inner Lioness 

Thursday, 28 January 2021

8-10:30pm ISR, Live on Zoom

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LEO FULL MOON ----> Focusing our energy and attention into what we are passionate about. Settling for only what is stellar and magickal.

What are your passions? What are your hearts deepest desires?  Take space in our circle to ACTIVATE your passions with a group of evolutionary women by your side. 

What are you angry and frustrated about? This full moon comes with LIONESS energy and a drop of KALI, the Fire Goddess. The circle will be a space to channel our sacred anger in a loving way to {develop the skill to} consistently make the change we need for a STELLAR and MAGICKAL life.
In circle, we use spiritual and practical tools to help us drop in to ourselves and harness the power of community to {continuously} upgrade our lives to UPGRADE THE WORLD! ✧ 

In our Goddess Moon Circle you can expect:
Invocation of the Divine Feminine Consciousness from your Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters and Higher Self
Guided Breathwork and Meditation Journey
Cacao / Sacred Water Blessing and Intention
Deep Journaling Practice
☥ Movement to clean our channels and Celebrate LIFE!✧
Sisterhood support + Sharing circle
+ more.... ✧✧✧

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

meet your guides...

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Ashley Sunshine

Founder of the Ashley Sunshine Yoga School and the Goddess Moon Circle, co-founder of the Red Tent Retreat, Golden Sun Kombucha and more, Ashley is a firestarter Sacred Business coach and serial entrepreneur who's mission is to ignite the soul codes and voices of the world's lightworkers

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Georgia Barnett

Founder of the Self Love Club and cheerleader for women everywhere, Georgia is an empowering Body Love and Women's Health Coach. Her superpower glitter energy lights up the room and our souls

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☽ see you in the circle ☾

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