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Full Moon


Goddess Moon Circles

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Tuning to Moon Wisdom is one of the ancient Rites of women. Sitting in intentional circle guided by woman's lunar rhythm has been practiced since the dawn of humankind.

My feminine awakening has led me to join and hold many circles and women's spaces, and have witnessed the massive shifts and healing that takes place from the simplicity of joining together with intention.


I am called to hold a year-long container, where we meet once a month to connect to the moon, healing, and coaching tools to empower women to step in deeper to our dreams.

In this space we will learn and practice what it means to be a goddess (your sacred essence) and a priestess (your devotion to art and service), and share from the heart our true self.

You have the option to join for one circle for $33, or to join for the entire year. See the schedule below for our live calls, and replays will always be sent.


you're invited

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moon \ ˈmün \ a celestial body that reflects the sun, orbits a planet and governs it's tides


life is just easier



You are not alone in your desire for freedom, bliss and truth.


You are worthy of all the beauty you can imagine.

You can have anything, simply because you desire it.

I've created something incredible for us.

These ceremonies are a powerful and safe space to relax into your inner Goddess, tap into what you TRULY desire, and bring your dreams to life, supported by sisters.


We will work with breathwork and beautiful guided visualizations to go into a deeper space of presence. You'll learn and practice your channelling abilities through ritual, writing & voice activation.


And of course, the fabric of magic is weaved and sealed through powerful sharing and witnessing each other.

The power is in the momentum we build together throughout the year. Month to month, moon to moon.


Will you join us? ✨



Dates for our circles (all circles are at 6pm UK / 1pm EST - Replays will be sent each month)

♈Aries: Sunday October 9th

♉Taurus: Tuesday November 8th *Lunar Eclipse

Gemini: Thursday December 8th

Cancer: Thursday January 6th

♌Leo: Monday February 6th

♍Virgo: Tuesday March 7th

♎Libra: Thursday April 6th

♏Scorpio: Thursday May 4th

Sagittarius: Monday June 5th

♑Capricorn: Monday July 3rd

♒Aquarius: Tuesday August 1st

♓Pisces: Thursday August 31st

♈Aries: Thursday September 29th

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Ashley is so connected to the universe and the magic that is deep within each human. I love that every session includes a short but powerful meditation that helps me to connect to my higher self and deeply ground into my present life. Ashley has incredible intuition and is such a true listener without judgement which brings so much realness to the session. She empowers my visions, uplifts my confidence from a place of joy and wisdom.



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