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A solid Base for your Spiritual Work

When I began practicing yoga regularly (3 months of practicing once a week), I noticed a HUGE difference in my body, my mind, and my life. I felt better, looked better, I WAS better.

Yoga has Deep, Magical Secrets

After seeing the effects of the Yoga Practice on my life, I began a long period of completely geeking out on the science, the philosophy, the anatomy and the mystical texts of yoga. I got SO EXCITED about the blueprint of well-being that exists within each one of us, and how to live a life with integrity, towards unity. (Like, why don't we learn this in high school!?!)

All is One

The main overarching theme (and direct translation) of Yoga is Unity. It can sound cliche, “We are all one”, but it's actually true. And you can experience it. In the practice, it begins with uniting the mind, body and breath. Slowly we learn how everything is united, and when we can live from the base of unity, we can bring everything that we create into harmony.

First name / Love, the complete yoga science and philosophy can be the perfect basis for you to create the life of your dreams. It's the perfect tool to start or uplevel your path of leadership - in your own life and also for others.

Come Try It Out

I'm so excited and honored to be running my 6th 200hr Yoga Teacher Training program - and this time, online. Access this knowledge for life, from anywhere in the world. Have a library of Yoga Class Videos and Guided Meditation/Pranayama audios at your fingertips.

You're humbly invited to join me for the 7-Day Live your Dharma Mini School, where you get a chance to upgrade your yoga practice and decode your blueprint of well-being.

And if you're thinking of jumping into the YTT, applications are open. We start in September. APPLY HERE <3



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