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I jumped head first into the next level of my life.

I jumped head first into the next level of my life.

Without external guarantee that it would all work out.

This next level includes:

🤑a bigger house by the beach.

🤑a snowboarding trip in the Rocky Mountains booked for the end of March

🤑a seat in a mastermind with a mentor I respect and adore, and VIP ticket to her conference.

🤑 a Water Priestess retreat in France booked for May.

🤑 a honeymoon planned for the summer….

And to be honest, every time I'm thinking about money, my heart does those little flutters.

My stomach flips a bit. Sometimes I feel a bit sick. And like a fraud.

I'm edging into my next level of the Powerful Wealthy Woman (my new mantra… more on that in another email…).

I'm writing this because I want to normalize the doubt or those little uneasy feelings when you're going into new territory - when you're consciously jumping into unknown waters, towards your desires.

{i'm talking here about playing your edge, not jumping entirely out of your means and sending your nervous system into full shut down mode…}

I am SO GRATEFUL for the yoga and embodiment rituals that I have dialed in over the years.

With these embodiment tools, I can directly work with the shadow that is arising for me, and uncover the gifts, the next level, behind those shadows of fear and doubt.

And through those embodiment practices, I can feel my true guarantee, ME.

I am the only guarantee.

I know that if the worst case scenario would happen, I would still be okay..

So I am able to take risks, to enjoy the life I love, to build a legacy, to do this life MY way.

So far, it has all worked out. And I'm 100% sure it will continue.

So what about you, babe?

Are you ready to play bigger? Are you ready to dive into the next level of your voice, your wealth, living the life you truly desire?

Are you ready to stop waiting 'til you're “ready”? And claim the life and the legacy that your heart knows is possible, not in some wild distant future, but in the here and now?

I am taking applications for my 6 months 1:1 mentorship program, where you get access to full support for living your soul mission NOW.

We work on:

🐉Clarity around your mission, message and offerings

🐉Studying yourself to discover and strengthen your own gifts - through your joy AND through working in your shadows

🐉Crafting transformational programs (1:1, group, in-person and online)

🐉Working through the fears of being seen and vulnerability hangovers

🐉Loving and proudly showing ALL of you

🐉Networking and getting in rooms with people who are also playing bigger

🐉Marketing and Selling your offers

🐉Energetics - magnetism, manifesting, magic and more…

If you're curious, email me ( or comment below!) with the word Mentorship, and I'll get the application over to you.

If you want to join a prerequisite to working with me.. knowing that it will prep you to make those big moves your soul is longing for… check out Rebel Ritual - 33 days of commitment to your higher purpose.

So much love, Ash

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