with Ashley Sunshine

Your business as Sacred Union between your WILD FEMININE and your PURPOSEFUL MASCULINE.

Join our 9 month container for priestesses, starseeds, lightworkers, and healers ready to build confidence and skills to put their amazing ideas into action, with ease and fun.


Hey, sister-on-a-mission.. 

Do you feel the calling to ground your visions of a beautiful life, on Earth?

To feel good and BE the revolution for mankind?

Are you ready to share your gifts in a bigger way,
with those ready to receive your medicine?

We don't have to suffer in order to make great money and a great contribution to planet Earth.

We can create a prosperous business & personal legacy, from the joy of our inner being.

Are you ready to powerfully radiate your magic on the next level, of your easeful expansion?

Welcome to Sacred Business Codes. Our field of sacred success, in making great money, by simply being you & sharing your essence with the world.

Sacred Business Codes is a 9-month Mastermind and Course that will give you loving guidance and support to build or expand your Sacred Business.


It's a stunning blend of WORKSHOPS, MASTERMIND GATHERINGS, and SACRED CEREMONY to get to know your Self and your Mission on a deep, intimate level... and bring that out to the world. 


It gets to be EASEFUL.

Your business gets to be an extension of your soul. It gets to feel pleasurable, expansive, juicy and abundant. Prosperous and purposeful.  This easeful soul-based approach will guide you to up-level your business, grow your communities, feel amazing sharing your gifts, and create a Signature Offering, specific to your brand.

 You'll receive healing for blocks to your own success, including limiting negative beliefs, sisterhood wounds, childhood/ancestral/past life distortions, codependency and more...


You'll belong to a tribe of like-minded women who will be by your side and share the experience as you birth your upgraded offerings into the world.

If this makes your heart expand with YES, I welcome you to fill out an application, for a free 30 minute coaching call with me. It's non-obligatory- you'll get to experience my coaching and I'll get to know you & your mission, and we can see if we're a good fit!

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You will receive guidance to use daily, weekly, monthly and yearly rituals that will call in the presence of the Divine in everything you do, and help you stay devoted to your dreams and intentions.



Dharma means "Cosmic Order". Everything has a place in this universe, including you. When you align to your true self, your relaxed, joyful self, your purpose and gifts naturally arise.



Learn and practice taking full responsibility for your reality, with love. You have complete freedom of choice, to create your reality and your business, on your terms.



Having a wealthy business starts with your energy! We will learn to be a conduit for the flow of light, support, money, abundance, gifts and soul-mate clients and to fully realise that there is no scarcity - we CAN HAVE IT ALL!



Discipline is a muscle. With the support of this container, we will work on self-mastery and develop habits to love ourselves more, spend more of our time doing what feels good, and slowly let go of thoughts and patterns that hold us back.



Join a circle of like-minded women who are dedicated to their soul mission and soul growth. You'll have a team to cheer you on and help shine their own light on your struggles and successes.

Our guiding lights...

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The deets

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This course begins on the Full Moon in Gemini, December 2021

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from your pleasure


In this course, we'll learn how your business gets to be an extension of your soul. It's the way you share your soul's gifts and your unique powers and abilities with the world.

You'll understand and practice the importance of REST and SELF-CARE as a business choice.

Your healing becomes your business, and your business becomes your healing.

We'll meditate with your business, anchor in your values, and position your business to fully support your life, desired lifestyle, the Earth and the Cosmos.


  • 12+ Sacred Business Codes learning modules over 9 months

  • Monthly Full Moon Mastermind Sessions

  • Monthly New Moon Ceremonies

  • Powerful strategic + introspective workshops to build your own Multi-Dimensional Business Plan

  • Guest Mentor Sessions + Modules

  • 4x 1:1 Visionary Coaching Sessions with Ashley 

  • 1-Year Post-course Business Amplification Group Call

*All sessions will be held on Zoom, and replays available via our member's area

Apply for a FREE 30 min coaching call with me, and to see if we're a good fit

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Heal, unite, connect to purpose

Get feedback and inpiration


  • Healing + working with Childhood, Sisterhood, Past Life and Ancestral wounds

  • Vision for the New Earth

  • Releasing Money blocks

  • Chakra Cleansing

  • Breathwork 

  • Embodiment practices

  • Share your wins and your struggles

  • Receive powerful coaching and next-level feedback

  • Be supported and realize you don't have to do it alone <3

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Intuitive, healing, expressive

Methodical, analytical, decisive


  • Creativity, Focus and the Flow State

  • Abundance and Prosperity

  • Self Love and Spirit Team Support

  • Magnetism & Womb Work

  • Divine Feminine Leadership

  • Sacred Sexuality + Business

  • Secure Attachment

  • Activating and Using your Voice

  • Your Brand Codes

  • Hosting Transformational Spaces

  • Speak to your People via Email, FB, etc

  • Growing your Field of Influence

  • Curriculum Creation

  • Living Festival Earth Now

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sisterhood support team

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Ashley Sunshine

Yoga Priestess ✧ Women’s Business Coach & Mentor
✧ Ceremonial Creatrix

Ashley Sunshine is a spiritual and business mentor and guide. She does group and 1:1 work to help empower her clients and trainees to live with their soul first - bringing their dreams to reality while feeling deep love and nourishment from the Universe.


She has helped thousands of people feel at home in their bodies, start their careers as successful spiritual entrepreneurs, and accelerate impact + income of those already sharing their healing gifts with the world.

Guest Mentor - Hila Dekel

Mentor Session: Past Life Regression + Shamanic Healing for Sacred Success

Hila Dekel is a Medicine Woman and an inner path guide to her clients' soul urge and calling. She uses shamanic and modern clinical techniques to empower her trainees to find their own unique truth and light at their own pace during one on one sessions, and teaches other healers how to find and bring their light to heal the world through mentorship and group work.


She has helped thousands of people along their spiritual path and feel their own light, and to share it with the world.

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AS Sun Logo-20.png

Guest Mentor - Maxine Anders Isaacs

2x Mentor Sessions: Breathwork Therapy  Supervision and Trauma-Informed Spaceholding

Maxine is an experienced breath work therapist, recall healer, inner dance facilitator and is nearly completed Family Constellations and Trauma Therapy training. She has a BSc in Acupuncture and a BA Hons in Applied community studies.

Guided by the philosophy of Conscious Living, Maxine leads a variety of holistic women's groups throughout Israel, offers 1:1 sessions, and facilitates an array of workshops both in person and online. Maxine’s great passion is organising and facilitating transformational retreats. She was a cofounder of the Red Tent Tribe retreats and is the founder of the ‘Dance of Life' Breathwork Retreats.

Maxine’s life mission is to support people to understand and regulate their nervous system, remove their
masks, learn how to connect to their bodies innate wisdom, & return to their true nature.

Guest Mentor - Lyra Bluestone

Mentor Session: Ancestral Bridgework for Ascension + Sacred Success

Lyra Bluestone (M.A. Buddhism, Columbia University) is a Certified Life Coach, spiritual teacher, healer, and wayshower for New Earth. Drawing upon a wide range of ancient and modern tools and wisdom teachings, she supports sensitive creatives to heal from trauma, discover self-love and inner peace, and share their Divine gifts with the world.

She was born in the concrete jungle NYC, have journeyed for years in China, Taiwan, Israel, and now reside on Big Island, Hawaii.

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So, is this course for you?

This coaching course is designed for the conscious entrepreneur-ess that wants to create a life of love, joy, and ease by sharing her powerful gifts with the world. It's a call to action for women that want to live on their own terms and grow a beautiful business that supports a greater global awakening.

This is the revolution. You in?

Fill out the application, and I'll be in touch to book a free 30 minute visionary coaching call, where you can taste my coaching and we can see if it's the right fit for you!

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♡  Some love from past clients 


"As a result of working with Ashley, I started speaking my truth, organized my finances, started teaching energy medicine and shamanic healing to groups in person and online, and I got a new appreciation for who I am and my role in this world.


I got confirmation that I am selling myself short, trying not to stand out; working from the sidelines is no longer an option, and I must shine. 

Thank you, Ashley, for offering your service to me and to the rest of us light carriers trying to bring spiritual and material abundance to the forefront of our society, thank you from the bottomless pit of my heart"



- Hila Dekel, Shamanic Healer