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your soul, babe


If you want to ignite the next level of your purpose and kindle the fire in your belly that wants to STEP UP and STEP IN to your soul's calling, you're in the right place.

It's time, love, to arrive deeper and deeper into YOUR sacred purpose. To clear energetic blocks and limiting beliefs that are keeping you small. It's possible to do this, with great ease, and to re-commit to your soul, every single day.

I'm so excited to offer SOUL ON FIRE sessions, for a limited time! Powerful transformation without the usual big cost or commitment.

These are personal mini packages with visionary, intuitive and personally channeled content to give your soul what it needs NOW, and to support and ignite the next level of your fulfillment.

This package is open for all people from all walks of life.

What's included!

  • 1x 75 minute 1:1 visionary coaching session that includes guided meditation, energy work & clear guidance.

  • 1x 20minute CUSTOM channeled guided meditation audio file with binaural beats to integrate our work (yours for life).

  • Personalized affirmations to rewire your beliefs, to use every day until fully anchored.

  • Text support for 1 week after our session.

Investment: $222 USD - the link will direct you to schedule, and then payment!

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agni \ ˈag-nē \ Internal fire. The governer of one's energy, vitality and well-being.


you live light, wild and free

When your soul's on fire, you ENJOY desiring and dreaming, because you know you can create what you want.

When your soul's on fire, you don't play into drama or small problems that don't feel good.

When your soul's on fire, you are ALIGNED with positive expectation for abundance in your business, bank account and life.

When your soul's on fire, you enjoy being YOU, here and now, and see your challenges as lessons and gifts.


When your soul's on fire, you put pleasure, ease and gratitude first, and you know that anything you create from there is POWERFUL.

When your soul's on fire, you're ready to spread the love and  serve your people with your gifts.

Let's ignite your soul with this powerful package, and get you on track to your next level of creation, vitality and joy.

with my heart&soul, ashley

Star Cluster


Ashley is so connected to the universe and the magic that is deep within each human. I love that every session includes a short but powerful meditation that helps me to connect to my higher self and deeply ground into my present life. Ashley has incredible intuition and is such a true listener without judgement which brings so much realness to the session. She empowers my visions, uplifts my confidence from a place of joy and wisdom.