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1:1 Mentorship




Ashley's 1:1 container is an accelerator into your vision, your heart's deepest desires.

This is intimate support in creating or expanding the business and lifestyle that you know is possible,

without wasting your time on things that don't actually move the needle forward,

and feeling the fulfilment of living your purpose.


You are a visionary priestess, healer, teacher or guide, and you know you have something special to share with the world.


 I am here to help keep an eye on your visions with you, and direct your compass towards them. Our work will support your energy to align to your dreams, and build the systems to bring them to life.

You are here to co create magic with the universe.

Let's optimize your energetics and business structures to make it happen.

Untitled design (13).png
Untitled design (13).png
Image by elizabeth lies

for the woman ready to Going ALL in on her vision...

for the benefit of all beings 

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Imagine this...

You're feeling so supported to expand your gifts.
Incredible ideas are pouring through.
You find yourself feeling
 "I CAN DO IT!", and taking inspired action.
You built business structures that support your creative ideas,
and it's so easeful to bring them to life.

Your creations powerfully impact your community and pour money into your family. 
You're enjoying freedom both financially and with your time.

You look back on your days feeling content and fulfilled.
Your Legacy is Alive.
You're freak
ing doing it.
This is the magic we make together.

Our work together includes...

Clarity and empowerment in who you're here to serve and how you help
Honing in on your communication and messaging
Creating your powerful offers
Marketing and sales through strategy and energetics
Building automations that work for you
Time management and habits to support your well being
Ceremony and ritual to co-create your life and business with spirit
+ more...

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