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Online 200Hr RYS Yoga Teacher Training

The Ashley Sunshine online learning platform allows students to access deep and carefully developed curriculums to support yoga teaching and embodied yoga at home and in everyday life. This program gives eligibility for the International Yoga teacher certificate through the Yoga Alliance, and especially develops students to build their yoga business online, as well as in person. The curriculums include downloadable yoga classes and guided meditation & breathwork audio files to give students time and space to integrate the practice into their daily life. Students from all over the world will gather and unite under a common interest of studying the Self through yoga and stepping into Leadership through the skill of teaching yoga classes - 1:1, in person and online. Also in this program is basics to self-coaching to help students see life’s challenges as opportunities to grow, and to love themselves deeper on every step of the way. Through looking at the self deeply, we get in touch with our divine purpose and get more clear on what we want to do with this precious life, and how we want to do it. This course is 5 months long and is led twice a year, with the guidance of Ashley and Teaching Assistants, and includes pre-recorded materials as well as live sessions every week. This is the most affordable option to go through a 200hr program with Ashley, and the most convenient as you integrate the material into your schedule. The more you integrate the material into your schedule, the more set up you are to make yoga a life-long practice and commitment, as it was designed to be. Opportunity for integrated transformation of lifestyle, well-being and mindset. Get in touch for more details.

Intensive 1-Month Yoga Teacher Training at Or HaYoga

1-month intensive to dive deep into yoga and go through a fast-paced transformation of mind, body and soul. In the heart of Tel Aviv, we meet every day to practice and get hands-on with our mastery over the foundations of the practices and philosophy. We also touch on self-coaching, to use challenges as jumping boards into growth, and to begin to get a sense of your divine purpose is this world. In a nurturing community space, you’ll feel supported to express your dreams and longings and be held as you shift into an evolved lifestyle and mindset. You’ll walk away with confidence in your foundations of yoga and able to hold space for others to practice, as well as the knowing that you have the ability to expand your classes and your skills. Get in touch for more details.

200hr RYS Yoga Leadership Journey

This journey is the deepest and most fully embodied 200hr journey that Ashley offers. It’s for you if you are ready to deeply make a change in your life and evolve into the next best version of yourself. If you’re ready to change your path and really up-level your spirituality and leadership in this world, this course will be a jumping board for you to confidently break away from societal norms to live your most fulfilling life. We meet for intensive weekends 1-2 times per month over 6 months, and these weekends are an opportunity for you to be held in the womb of transformation. The weeks in between are time for integration of the material into your life, diving into the sacred texts and applying mind/body/spirit wellness practices into your daily life. The curriculum is designed as yoga philosophy weaved into embodiment practices (vinyasa flows, pranayama, meditation and other tools and techniques) with coaching skills. You will leave this course transformed and equipped with the power to guide yourself and others in yoga embodiment, and the power of self-coaching and the basics of coaching others. Get in touch for more details.

Advanced 300hr RYS Teacher Training

This journey is designed to take your 200hr training to the next level and guide you to embody the leader and wayshower that you know you are. In this training we go even deeper into the Yogic texts and philosophies, as well as the practice and anatomical studies, to clarify your understanding and ability to teach these principles to others. You will learn to teach from your own voice, and together we will explore and develop your signature style as a yoga teacher. In extension to developing your signature style, we dive into curriculum creation - how to train others in YTTs as well as how to design and execute retreats, intensives, longer workshops and courses that come from your own experience and truth. This incredibly powerful and in-depth training will help you clarify who you want to serve in this lifetime, and prepare you for a career as a lightworker, guide and mentor. You’ll be able to take your yoga classes and grow them into a variety of offerings that bring your yogic wisdom and unique gifts to this world. Get in touch for more details.




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The course helped me to deepen my own yoga practice, to connect more to my true essence, to dive more into my femininity, to connect with other beautiful women in the course and of course: become a yoga teacher and feel great sharing my learned knowledge with my own students.

I was starting my own business at the same time the course took place. Through that process, the course has given me a lot of clarity and stability.

-Jennifer W.

 Nutrition & Mindfulness Coach