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You know when you post a link on Facebook, an invitation to an amazing free offering you are giving, or an awesome event you're putting on that's going to change the world, and it only gets 1-2 likes and 0 engagement?

It's such a bummer, because your sacred offerings are needed in this world, and can really help someone who needs exactly what you are creating!

The truth is, people don't like to be "sold to", right off the bat. It's like, when that guy wants to make out with you, and he grabs your ass a few minutes after you meet him for a blind date. Ew.

People like to connect. They like to feel Seen. They like to feel like you GET them. They like to feel their hearts touched by your words because you know what they're going through.

Now if a guy did that on a first date, I'd be 1000% more likely to make out later. Just sayin'

And once they feel like you GET them, they will naturally want to connect with you more. Aka signing up for your mailing list or your free webinar, or your paid program!

So think about this: who are you speaking to? Who is your ideal customer for your offering? What are their challenges, needs and desires?

Before you make a post with your incredible sacred offering, take a moment to connect to your specific audience, and then speak to their CHALLENGES, NEEDS, and DESIRES in your post, offering CONNECTION in your words. This gives the post I N H E R E N T V A L U E.

This world is full of incredible people who are awakening on their spiritual path, or who are making big moves in their spiritual businesses, and out there is a G O L D M I N E for your future friends, colleagues and clients. So post with so much LOVE AND CONNECTION! Don't just grab people's asses 5 minutes after y'all met.

Social media gives us an opportunity to create bonds, all across the globe, for life. And also learn good communication and business practices on the way. Let's do it!

If you are a womxn, you are welcome to join the FB group full of Goddesses, Priestesses, Witches, Fairies, Angels and Wayshowers -

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