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Self F*king Love

I f*king love myself. Is my best business mantra.

Why? cuz in the end of the day, it's about us, my darling.

We can set up the stage so beautifully, and make everything around us perfect.

But the final moment, is up to YOU.

When we wanna grow our income and charge more for our services.

When we wanna put something out there that we never did before.

When we wanna create that thing but self judgement blocks us.

When we wanna serve more people and invite them to our containers.

When we wanna say the truth even when it's uncomfortable.

It all comes down to self love. This is the deal maker, or breaker.

Take a deep breath with me, and say it. I f*king love myself. And then do the damn thing!

Let's go babe!

Our Sacred Business Codes group container starts April 11, where you'll be supported to step up in business, in money, in your offerings and communities, and serve the coming generation of healed and embodied people.

Big love


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