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Raising your Light Quotient ✨💎

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Everything in this universe is made up of energy, or prana. Our bodies, minds and emotions, feelings and thoughts are simply different forms of ENERGY. The term Light Body refers to the many different layers of energy that your encompasses your being. This includes the Chakras (energy vortexes that span across all dimensions), the Koshas (dimensions of being), the Vayus (inner winds), Nadis (energetic pathways, aka meridians), Masculine and Feminine energies, and more. Your Light Quotient is the amount of energy that your Light Body can absorb, carry, emit or embody, in a stable way. So this isn't about having those highs, or being blissed out briefly.

golden sun ray

We can suss out our own Light Quotient by honestly asking ourselves the following questions: What is my baseline - my default way of Being? Am I easily frustrated or triggered, or do I respond with curiosity and delight? When things touch me deeply into my heart, how do I handle it? Do I let love in, do I let compliments in? Am I dependent on others to validate my own worth? Do I have a sense of sovereignty in my being that helps me STABILIZE the amount of self-love I know I am capable of? Take a moment to ponder that with your journal or with a friend. Human energy is originally pure. The idea of original sin is a complete and utter LIE, made up to keep us feeling small. We are actually born directly from the miraculous light of source, born with full abundance, manifestation power, and the capability to live in complete, blissful flow. ITS TRUE!!!! It's funny - the original meaning of the word sin is "to forget" - so in essence when we "sin", we are FORGETTING the inherent unified and empowered nature of our being.

We are meant to, while here on earth, fully embody the Higher Self, and be co-creators of heaven on earth. The higher self in Yoga is known as the Atman, or the divine spark of our being. When we are in that space of Atman, we feel whole, safe and at peace, and we experience directly the unity of all things. So, your LIGHT QUOTIENT is HOW OFTEN YOU FEEL A DIRECT EXPERIENCE OF UNITY, BLISS and EASE in your day to day life.

Let that sink in.

Secure attachment with self. Interdependence with the world. Full freedom and sovereignty. Living deeply in your PURPOSE and enjoying deeply every part of life {even the challenges}. Quality of life drastically rises when our Light Quotients rise.

So how do we raise our Light Quotients? Our wounding, traumas, and challenges in life are our direct teachers for increasing our Light Quotients. They are the pathways to learn how we can be more self-regulating. They show us where the gaps are, and in these cracks the light can enter and fill us, if we lovingly allow it.

Here are some practical ideas about Raising your Light Quotient:

  1. Meditate Daily. It doesn't have to be perfect, it doesn't have to be for hours. Give yourself 5-30 minutes to connect, ground, center and humbly request that the light of your higher self fill every cell of your body. Please and thank you.

  2. Breathwork. From yoga's pranayama to Wim Hof's full power practice, breathwork is crucial in connecting your INTENTION to your PHYSICAL BODY, help re-wire the nervous system for ease, grace and love, and to re-align the sacred geometrical patterns in your energetic grid.

  3. Movement with breath. Dance, Yoga, Quantum Flow, Tai Chi, whatever your style, this piece is critical in clearing energetic pathways and improving all levels of health! Moving meditation brings it all together, and is a critical way to teach yourself the unified experience.

  4. Affirmation and Prayer. Ask ask ask, thank thank thank.

  5. Good foods, deep rest, good sex, self pleasure, more time in nature, etc, etc, etc.

Check out the video above for more insights and real talk about embodying the light ✨

So, how do you increase your light quotient? What effects do you find in your life from doing this work? I'd love to hear you in the comments. love&yoga


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Dear Ashley,

Hi there. My name is Jason Rocco DePersio. My artist signature is MEDIQI. I am an artist/actor/singer/songwriter/poet. I am writing to thank you for being apart of my consciousness this morning. I was inquiring about "light quotient increase" and I found your website. I totally vibe with the things you've written about in this article. I just wanted to share with you some information that I have discovered on my quest to expand my mind and my consciousness. There are these Light Beings called The Arcturians who specialize in healing light technology. The human can communicate with these light beings and request what is called a 100% light quotient increase. You can find info about The A…

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